Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been around for over 3000 years and has been used for all areas of health and wellbeing.
We bring to you treatment that is relaxing and helps get you the results you are looking for. We use single disposable needles that are extremely fine like a hair encouraging minimal discomfort. People leave feeling relaxed with a sense of renewed balance.



Traditional Chinese medicine looks not only at the symptoms you are experiencing but the causes behind these symptoms. We include in this your lifestyle and nutrition, and your emotional wellbeing.
The concept of Qi is the energy or force in Chinese medicine which effects how we live and how our body functions. Healthy qi moves freely in the body and stagnant qi becomes heavy and constrictive causing pain and dis-ease of body and mind.
Our breath helps move the qi and our food helps create it. Food is not just the nourishment for the body; our thoughts and lifestyle nourish our qi as well.

The cycles of nature along with the cycles of our body have their own balance yet in our fast moving world we think that we can control these and create the disharmonies that we seek to then alleviate. By understanding your unique body’s wisdom and learning to nourish it you nourish the qi and live the life you choose.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the body has channels or meridians in which the qi flows and by working with the points along these channels acupuncture can assist your body to create the movement of qi which will restore and heal your body.
Traditional Chinese acupuncture can be used complementary to western medicine. All needles are single disposable needles. Treatments are relaxing and re energising.

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