Fertility & Preconception


The benefits of Acupuncture and TCM for the treatment of infertility have been documented for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. In today’s culture it is becoming more common to see an increase in age for women and couples wanting to have children.

This brings an increased need for assistance with conception.

Other obstacles to conception include inflammatory disease, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, blockages of the fallopian tubes, ovarian dysfunction, failure to ovulate, uterine abnormalities, immune system responses, hormone imbalances, endocrine disorders and emotional stress.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been effective in its ability to restore the normal function of the body, physically and emotionally. Not just in regulating the menstrual cycle and invigoration sperm, but enhancing the function of the whole body.

In Gynaecology, Chinese medicine looks at the internal condition of the woman and her partner and together with western medicine complements the treatment of infertility. Males also may need to be treated with low sperm counts and abnormal sperm.

Sperm is very sensitive to effects of chemicals in the environment and food. It takes 70 days to generate new sperm so with consistent treatment of nutrition, and Chinese medicine a male has a good ability to increase the health of the sperm. Finding the balance in our lifestyle is important in helping with fertility. All the stresses in our lives impact on the normal function of our bodies. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at all aspects of our life to bring balance and restore harmony.



fertility-preconception3Irritability, depression, and frustration can be a major part of how one is feeling with infertility. In Chinese medicine these are the emotions one feels with liver Qi stagnation. This can be along with major stress at work, lack of sleep, to name a few reasons. This can be associated with unexplained or explained infertility allowing a place where you can relax and unwind and understand the stressors that affect you and learning how to respond is an important part of the treatment session.

Miscarriage is a devastating loss for a woman and couple to go through. TCM can assist a woman in holding a pregnancy by nourishing the vital meridians/ channels in the body and alleviate stress and anxiety associated with this.

Fertility rates can increase with the increase in endorphins in the body. Acupuncture TCM treatments help release endorphins into the body and a person can feel relaxed and their emotional balance restored. This can also aid in the process of fertilisation and help with implantation.

Timing of treatments is important for women, as there are specific hormonal adjustments that can be made at each week of the cycle. If a woman is undergoing Western fertility treatment, Acupuncture can assist in this process and is commonly seen with the treatment with IVF.

We recommend that if you are going to be having western treatment that the sooner you are able to start treatments with Acupuncture, allows for an easier process with the side effects of the fertility drugs as well as enhancing the ovarian and endometrium health and relieves the stress of the effects of this with your body and emotions.

Treatment is based on a minimum of 3 months with studies showing results in 3 to 6 months. Treatments are individual for each person and are weekly to fortnightly.

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